Priyanka Chopra starts crying at Jeth’s wedding.

Priyanka Chopra’s Jeth Jonas (Joe Jonas) has also tied up with marriage. ‘Game of Thrones’ Fame Sophie Turner and American Singer Joe Jonas married once again in France. Priyanka Chopra’s look in her Jeth and Jethani’s wedding was worth seeing. Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra was wearing a sari. Jones and Sophie Turner’s wedding photos are becoming very viral on social media. But come during the marriage, Priyanka Chopra has generated headlines well on a photo social media (Priyanka Chopra). Priyanka Chopra is crying in this photo.

In the viral photo on social media, Priyanka Chopra is wiping her tears. Priyanka Chopra looks immensely in this photo. And why not, they may have remembered the day of their marriage. In the photo, Priyanka Chopra is also her husband and American singer Nick Jonas. The second photo of Priyanka Chopra has also been very prominent on social media. Priyanka Chopra, wearing a pink sari in her Jai (Joe Jonas) and Jodi and (Sophie Turner), was looking very beautiful. Priyanka’s indigenous style was liked by people in American wedding too. Nick (Jon) was wearing a black tuxedo at the same time. 

Tell Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas had suddenly been married during an award function last month. Everyone was surprised, however, this time these two have married the whole custom. On June 29, the entire Jonas family appeared together during the marriage of Sophie Turner and Singer Joe Jones.

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