Zaheer Waseem speaks of Bollywood actor for films left for religion – Do not believe him

Actor Zaira Wasim, who made his identification with Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’ in Bollywood, decided to leave the film industry on June 30 last. This decision of Zaira Wasim is quite shocking for many people in the Bollywood industry. He told through a post on Facebook that he is saying goodbye to movies forever. With this, Jaira Wasim said, ‘They realized that even though I fit right here but I have not made it for this place.’ On this decision of Zaira Wasim, the reaction has started coming from all four sides. Bollywood actor and producer Kamal R Khan (Kamaal R Khan) even said that his decision was not to believe it. At the same time, Actress Raveena Tandon also targeted Jaira Waseem for her decision. 

Actor Kamal R Khan (Kamaal R Khan) tweeted his response after leaving the Bollywood industry by ‘Dangal’ Girl Zaira Wasim. Kamaal R. Khan tweeted, “I would like to say that please do not trust Wasim Vasim. They are all doing this just to get publicity. She is a very big drama girl. He is still in Bollywood and will never leave it. Do not worry, Aamir Khan will produce more films for him soon. ‘ Kamaal R Khan, through his tweets, told Zayera Wasim as a drama girl, and also asked people not to trust them. 

Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon also tweeted on Jaira Wasim’s decision. Raveena Tandon wrote in her tweet ‘It does not matter if she is leaving the film industry to do two movies, which has given her so much. It is the only wish that he should go from here in a graceful way and keep your thoughts to himself. ‘ Raveena Tandon has targeted him on the decision of Zaire Waseem. 

Apart from these, Payal Rohtagi also presented his views on the decision of Zaire Waseem. Payal Rohatgi, through his tweet, tightened the tears on Zayyara Wasim and also called him a hardcore Muslim and more blindfold. Payal Rohatgi wrote in his tweet, “Jaira Wasim is a blindfolded and hardcore Muslim. They have cited the idea of ​​the Qur’an for this decision. It seems that Islam is a religion where women are not equal to men. I was very happy to read it. ‘

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