Jaira Wasim left for ‘religion’, then Taslima Nasreen speaks – stupid, read others’ reactions.

Zaira Wasim, who has entered the film rallies in Bollywood, has decided to leave the acting field. Zaira Wasim, while electing his religion among his acting career and religion, said, “He is not happy with this work as it is coming in the way of his religion.” Zaira Wasim told through his Facebook post that he realized that even though I fit right here but I have not made it for this place. On this decision of Zaira Wasim, the reaction has started coming from all four. While some people are appreciating this decision of Jaira Wasim, others are telling their decision to be stupid. The former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir has also appreciated this decision of Jaira Wasim. 

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah (Omar Abdullah) tweeted his views on the decision to leave Bollywood by ‘Dangal’ Girl Zaira Wasim. Omar Abdullah tweeted, “Who are we to question Zaheera Waseem’s choice? Live your life as if you like it I can just wish them best wishes and wish them to enjoy what they do. ‘ Apart from Omar Abdullah, Shah Faisal, who came to politics except for the Indian Administrative Service, has also expressed his reaction to Zaira Wasim’s decision. Shah Faisal said in one of his statements that he respects Jaira’s decision and best wishes to him. 

Shah Faisal tweeted on abandoning Zaira Wasim ‘s acting career: “I always respected the decision to become Zaire Waseem’s actor. Perhaps another Kashmiri girl did not get such a popular status, such as success, and name at such a young age. But today when he has left the film, I have no choice other than honoring his decision. Best wishes to him. ‘

Where on one side Omar Abdullah and Shah Faisal bestowed on him the decision of Zaira Wasim. So the famous writer Taslima Nasreen described her decision as stupid. Taslima Nasreen tweeted, “Bollywood’s talented and talented Zaara Waseem now wants to quit acting career because he feels that his career has ended his belief in Allah. What’s a weird decision. Many talents of the Muslim community is being forced to go into the darkness of such a burqa.

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