Hrithik’s sister got disturbed by Rangoli, saying – Sunna’s phone is off, what she is doing with her …

Ranjit Chandila (Rangoli Chandel), sister of Kangana Ranaut, is constantly tweeting about Roshan Roshan’s sister Sunna Roshan. Sunaina Roshan also tweeted to support Kangna Runout by tweeting. But Rangoli Chandel’s new tweets have spread the sensation on social media. In this trial, Rangoli Chandel has questioned the security of Sunaina Roshan. Rangoli Chandel tweeted: “At the moment, my biggest concern is that Sunayana’s phone is coming off and never knot gets rechabbed, what people are going to do with her, God knows … I’m really scared for her Used to be.’

Rangoli Chandel has told in his tweets that Sunaina Roshan physically tortures her own family. Many times Sunaina Roshan has also sought help from Kangana Ranaut Rangoli Chandel’s tweet is becoming very viral on social media.

Rangoli Chandel told many things related to the life of Hrithik Roshan’s sister Sunaina Roshan . In his tweet, Rangoli Chandel wrote, “Sunna Roshan has asked for help from Kangana many times. His family physically tortures Sunna Roshan because she loves a Muslim person in Delhi. Last week, he met a woman policeman, who slapped him. Not only that, his father also killed him and the brother is trying to put him behind the bars. 

In his tweet, Rangoli Chandel further said, ‘I am afraid that this dangerous family of her will not bring any harm to Sunaina Roshan. I am making it public because Sunaya always calls Kangana and weeps. Kangana does not know how to help her. Now Kangana Ranaut has blocked Sunna’s number but we are afraid of her security. Everyone has the right to love the person he wants. I hope that these things will change the light. ” 

Through his tweets, Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli Chandel, while supporting Sunaina Roshan on one side, opposed the second and Hrithik Roshan’s family. In the tweet, Rangoli Chandel said that as a human being, it is his duty to help Sunna Roshan. Even before this, Rangoli Chandel has tweeted about Sunaina Roshan, in which she has told that Sunaina Roshan had also apologized to Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. Often social media photo of your new home in Manali by Active Rangoli Chandel also was shared on social media. 

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