Salman Khan lifted bodyguards on his feet, being seen again and again.

Salman Khan does not compromise his fitness with Bollywood’s brother. Salman Khan is very cautious about his fitness and health. That’s why even today, their look and style make a lot of work at the box office. Recently, Salman Khan’s movie ‘Bharat’ earned record break at the box office.Salman Khan is not careless about his fitness at all.So Salman Khan (is fiercely viral video on a social media Salman Khan). In this video Salman Khan appears to be exercising in a different style.

This video being viral is itself shared by Salman Khan with his Instagram account. In this video, Salman Khan is seen performing his bodyguards on his feet. While Salman Khan’s Bodyguard Exercise is sitting on the machine, Salman Khan is doing his weight with him. However, the attention that Salman Khan has drawn in this video is the caption. Actor Salman Khan has written a very funny caption while sharing the video. Salman Khan, in a funny manner, wrote in a caption: “After so many ups and downs, my bodyguards must have known how much they are with me.”

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