Shahrukh Khan, who is crazy about the Indo-Pak match, said with the son on Father’s Day- “Go India Go.”

Bollywood’s King Khan, that is, Shah Rukh Khan is ready for the match between India and Pakistan (World Cup 2019) on Sunday. There is a huge craze in the whole of the country between India and Pakistan, and the Bollywood cinema is not far behind. Shahrukh Khan is crazy about all the Celebs against India-Pak (Ind vs. Pak). Shah Rukh Khan has shared a picture on Twitter on the occasion of Happy Fathers Day, in which he is appearing with his son and entirely comedic for India vs. Pakistan match. There are signs of falling in. Their picture is getting viral.

Shahrukh Khan has shared this photo as well as shared a caption. He wrote: “Ready for a match with the Father of Mother’s Day (Happy Fathers Day). Go India Go.” Shahrukh Khan and his son Aryan are seen in blue color jersey during this time. The Lion King’s iconic character on their jersey – King Muffas and Simba written. Whenever there is a match between India and Pakistan (Ind vs .Pak), there is a considerable craze in Shah Rukh Khan. He is seen encouraging the Indian team during this period.

Today, in the World Cup (2019) the match between Indo-Pak (Ind vs. Pak) is to be played. This match will be played at Manchester’s Old Trafford. Please tell that rain is also the rain in this match. But it is expected that the rain in the game will not be disturbed. Earlier, the competition between India and New Zealand has washed away due to rain. Tell us that in the World Cup, India has defeated Pakistan in 6 games. Pakistan’s team has never been able to beat India. This is the seventh match between India and Pakistan in the World Cup. Now it will be a matter of view that this match will also win India or Pakistan’s opponent will change.

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