Rishi Kapoor made a baby filter on the photo of Prem Chopra, becoming very viral Photo.

Bollywood’s famous actor Rishi Kapoor is currently undergoing treatment in New York. Regardless of living in New York, Rishi Kapoor often keeps his thoughts on activities taking place in India and shares his photographs on social media. Recently Rishi Kapoor   (Rishi Kapoor)  has fun photo stock Bollywood actor Prem Chopra on his Twitter account (Prem Chopra). In this photo of Rishi Kapoor, actor Akshay Prem Chopra is appearing in the movie Bobby. But the unique thing is that in this photo, Prem Chopra is seen as a child. Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor has remembered them by joking with actor Akshar Prem Chopra through this photo.

Rishi Kapoor shared the picture of Bollywood actor Prem Chopra on social media, in which Actor Prem Chopra is looking for children, and he has caught a cigarette in hand. Sharing this post, Rishi Kapoor wrote, ‘ Bobby met Prem Chopra again.’ These photos shared by Rishi Kapoor are more fun than the fun it is. Captions are written on it. In this photo, his famous dialogue with a photo of actor Prem Chopra has also been written in a different style. The picture of Prem Chopra is printed with ‘Plum name is Mela, Plum toapala.’ 

Let Bollywood actress Rishi Kapoor (Rishi Kapoor) get her treatment in New York from September 2018. Rishi Kapoor has lived in New York for more than eight months. Despite being there, many Bollywood actors and other celebrities often visit New York to meet Rishi Kapoor. Just days before Bollywood director Rahul Rawal shared a post on Facebook, he told that he is now cancer-free and can return to his home soon. 

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