The question asked about Ananya Pandey’s education is that the Bollywood actress has given evidence on Instagram.

Ananya Pandey, who debuted in Bollywood with ‘Student of the Year 2’, has been on social media these days. Sometimes Ananya Pandey is asked questions about her crush and sometimes her question is raised about her education. Recently, Ananya Pandey posted a post on Instagram, in which documents are kept around Ananya Panday. Also, photographs of admission in the photo and the ‘University of Southern California’ papers are also seen. Ananya Panday has tried to prove the rumors flying about herself through this post. 

Ananya Pandey, who has stepped into Bollywood from Karan Johar’s film, shares her studies and admission related documents on social media. Sharing this post, Ananya Pandey wrote, ‘I did not want to do this, I did not think that I needed to prove myself, but the rumors of my Fake Admission in the’ U.Sc ‘now They are walking around me. Now, these things are coming out of hand and the worst thing is that even my family and friends have to go through it. ‘ Ananya Pandey told in her post that she had to get her admission twice because of her film shooting. Admission could not be done much longer, so I thought of making a career in acting. 

Ananya Panday wrote in her post: ‘Those who want to push me down, I have lots of love for them, I would like to send peace and positivity. I would also like to say that those who claim to be my classmates are not my classmates because I grew up with them and went to school with them and they can never do anything like this. Ananya Panday has tried to prove the rumors spread about herself by posting on Instagram. Let’s say that Ananya Pandey will be seen in ‘Pati Patni Aur Wo’ soon after ‘Student of the year -2’. In this film, he will also be seen with Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan and Bhoomi Pednekar.  

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