Bollywood stars also shout at the brutal assassination of a two-and-a-half-year-old girl, demanding strict punishment for the offender.

JNN Film stars keep their point of view on important issues. If you appreciate the good work, then stand against it when you are bad. Once again, Bollywood has stood up against human rights activists and demanded justice. The case is about an incident involving a man in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, which has shocked everyone. And due to this incident, there is resentment in Bollywood. 

A two-and-a-half-year-old girl was murdered in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Bollywood is in anguish over this painful incident and many film stars have tweeted against it and tweeted against it. Bollywood celebs have expressed resentment and anger. 

Abhishek Bachchan tweeted is a very disgusting and angry incident. How can anybody do this? Silent. 

Sunny Leoni wrote Sorry, a child you had to live in a world where people do not understand humanity now. Forgive me.

Actor Anupam Kher also expressed anger at the incident and wrote that the three-year-old girl was angry at the rap. This is very scary, embarrassing and tragic beyond words. The accused should be publicly hanged. There is no other punishment for this heinous crime. I demand justice for the child.

Ritesh Deshmukh tweeted that hearing about the incident deeply hurt and shocked. We have been a little unsuccessful as a society. What kind of insecure world are we making for our children? To reduce these crimes, strict punishment and immediate justice are the only way.

Written by Renee Deshmukh’s wife, Genelia Deshmukh, it is frightening, I am very upset about what is happening with women and young girls in our country. Like every time we have failed for a baby girl. People responsible for such crimes should be hanged publicly. Genelia also spoke of hanging the culprit.

Ayushman Khurana has condemned this incident and demanded justice.

Siddharth Malhotra writes that he has been disturbed by this incident.

Arjun Kapoor has condemned it and told the incident to shake up humanity.

Sonam Kapoor has demanded justice.

Let us tell you that a two-and-a-half-year-old girl was murdered in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. On May 30, a two-and-a-half-year-old child was missing in Tappal. On June 2, his coronary body was found 100 meters away from home. Bollywood has raised a voice for this heinous crime and has told the executioner of the culprit.

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