Review: Arjun Kapoor’s India’s Most Wanted

Review: Arjun Kapoor's India's Most Wanted

Rajkumar Gupta, who has produced No One Kill Jessica and Red, has come with Arjun Kapoor in his new film. In this crime thriller, Arjun wants to capture India’s most wanted terrorist with his team.

What is the story

This story is about catching a most wanted terrorist of India, who have killed hundreds of people in the country six years ago, but he is still out of the trap of security agencies. For catching Yusuf Yani Sudheev Nair of India called Osama, the third generation of Intelligence Bureau Prabhat Kumar, i.e., Arjun Kapoor, goes to Nepal with his four companions. Prabhat gets the information from his source that Yusuf is in Nepal. He tells his boss Rajesh Singh that the knowledge of the cause can be trusted and he goes out to catch him with his colleagues.

Prabhat goes out to Kathmandu where these terrorists are hidden. The Prabhat’s team has to deal with the ISI and Pakistan Force too. Apart from this, Nepalese officials are also not helping the team in particular. How do Prabhat and his team bring Osama back to India? You have to go see the film to see it.

The film starts well, but the movie loses its rhythm somewhere and holds good speed in the last half an hour. The USP of the film is the character who becomes the companion of Arjun Kapoor. Very realistic and simple-looking, these characters have to frock their home and catch a terrorist too. Due to this, there are many situations which lead to conditions like dark humor. India Most Continent tries to tell stories of anonymous heroes somewhere, along with these ordinary stars.

Directed by Raj Kumar Gupta, in this film, good dialogues are heard in some scenes, but the film seems to be lagging on its slow pace. Being a crime thriller genre, it was expected to speed up the film, but in the first half, the film progresses quite slowly, which makes it challenging to connect with the story. The movie’s cinematography is excellent, and many beautiful shots of Nepal are worth seeing. Several shots of Nepal’s interior have also become significant.

If India is not interested in PM’s biopic released along with Most Wanted and Arjun Kapoor is a fan, then he can go to the movie.

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